Jesse's Home Page

This is the home page of Jesse Pangburn.  This page is for my projects of various sorts and other interests.  Most of the projects here were done during a 9 month break from work.  Mostly I've wanted to learn about embedded systems using microcontrollers, so I've done a few projects with them.

I also did a couple non-microcontroller based computer/electronics projects in the past few years in my spare time.  A squirt gun and webcam on a turret, controllable over the web, and a different solar tracker project.

As far as software-only projects go, I did the Simulation of Ant's Emergent Behavior Using Starlogo project in October/November.  Recently, I added the Anti SPAM page which shows how to use an email server to create temporary email addresses for accessing sites which seem likely to SPAM you.  Even more recently, I made a Video Poker Analyzer applet.  This teaches you how to know what cards are best to hold when playing video poker.  It lets you play the game and then pick some cards to hold and show what your odds are holding those cards so you can try different combinations to learn what works best.

Also, I wrote down the details of an argument with my old home warranty company, Fidelity National Home Warranty.  If you're considering buying a home and getting a home warranty, you might want to read my article.

Here's my email address,, if you want to contact me with questions about anything on this site, or if you have any feedback (positive and negative welcome).

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