3D Logic solutions

I tried this great game called 3D Logic by Alex Matveev(warning: his personal site is slow from the U.S., but the game site is fast) at the game site http://www.thatvideogamesite.com.  It's a flash puzzle game and lots of fun.

Some of the 3D Logic levels can be VERY hard, so I decided to post this page with my solutions to level 16-30.  The levels before 16 are not very difficult so I didn't think to take screenshots of them before I finished them, sorry if you are having a hard time with one, no offense.

Here are the solutions or answers or whatever you want to call them with one block near the end of a segment either missing or wrong (because when you finish it, it disappears immediately).  If you know the game it will be quickly obvious where the missing or incorrect block is because the segment endpoints are black:

Level 16, level 17, level 18, level 19, level 20, level 21, level 22, level 23, level 24, level 25, level 26, level 27, level 28, level 29, and level 30

Translations available: