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Firefox Extensions

This page is for my firefox extensions.  Currently, there is my first and only extension, the "Henry Earl Status" extension.

Update note: Per the request of the site owner that provides the actual Henry Earl status XML data that I use for these Henry Earl extensions, I've updated them to only poll once per 12 hour period since his source data is only updated once per day anyway.  They used to be half an hour, but this was causing too much traffic on his server.  My apologies.

Henry Earl Status (title bar version)

Henry Earl is this drunk who gets arrested so regularly that he has a sort of following.  Someone on Fark suggested making a firefox extension.  Since I was curious about making a firefox extension anyway, I decided to make this one.  Anyway, it's real easy to use, you just click this link to install it.  You may have to tell firefox to allow you to install extensions from my site first, so firefox may show a bar similar to the popup blocker bar that says it didn't allow you to install this extension- from here you can choose to allow extensions from my site.  Restart Firefox to load it, and it will soon (5 seconds) replace your title bar with Henry Earl's status.  It refreshes automatically every 12 hours (since the source data is only updated once per day), or you can open the Tools menu and click the "Refresh Henry Earl's Status" menu item and it will refresh.  If you go to another page, your browser title will display that page's new title so this doesn't interfere with your normal browsing.

This extension reads Henry's status from the RSS feed at  You can go to that site to learn more about Henry.  He has a basic synopsis, and links to more detailed sites.

Henry Earl Status (status bar version)

Update 8/8/06 WARNING: As of Firefox 1.5, writing to status bar is disabled, so the following extension information is only valid for Firefox 1.4 users and earlier.  Try the title bar version, it still works.

OK fine, here's one for all of you complaining that you want a status bar version.  I assumed that since the browser doesn't allow javascript to change the status bar by default that this would require custom settings by the user.  However, I was wrong, it seems that extensions don't have the same restrictions that regular javascript running on a website does.  SORRY, it's my very first firefox extension- excuse my ignorance.  :-)

If you already have the title bar version installed, you must uninstall it, close firefox, then open it before installing this version.  If you don't have the title bar version installed, just click here to install the status bar version.  Follow the installation instructions in the title bar version section above if you don't know how to install a firefox extension.

As with the title bar version, when you open firefox, you'll see Henry's status displayed after about 5 seconds.  When you go to another page, the status bar will resume showing the normal status information.  Every 12 hours it will revert to Henry's current status, or you can open the Tools menu and click the "Refresh Henry Earl's Status" menu item.