I moved to South Lake Tahoe to do a LOT of snowboarding this year.  I have a season pass at Sierra At Tahoe and Northstar.  Sierra is 20 minutes from my house so I can go easily.  Here are a couple pictures from the mountain.

After a recent big storm, William and I tried towing me on my snowboard behind his truck while my neighbor Beth watched for hand signals.  It worked pretty well around the neighborhood, so we went to highway 89 where the road was not well plowed and there was a few inches on the road and big soft piles on the side.  It worked really well, I could ride the crests at the side of the road and get some jumps on the driveways at the side.  Some guy even asked if he could film me, which gave us the idea to make our own video.  So the next day we got my camcorder and went out looking for somewhere else to ride.  We tried the local college, but the jerks had already plowed the lot :-) so we found a neighborhood off of Pioneer Trail and filmed a video.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of crust under the edges of the road from plowing so it was hard to get up on the sides, but you'll get the idea anyway.  The video (quicktime player required) is about 1.6MB so it is downloadable even on dialup.  If the video doesn't open, try right clicking it and save the file.  Save the file as "towboarding.mp4", then open it with the quicktime player.  Thanks to my neighbor Beth and her mac for editing the video, my buddy Eric for doing the filming from the back of William's truck, and William for doing the driving!!!